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The EBMDR-8 Expansion Module

The EBMDR-8 Expansion Module is a slave unit to the ECPIR-3P and to the ECPIR-P Call Panels. The EBMDR-8 hence receives power from and communicates through its master, the ECPIR-P/ECPIR-3P.


  • Button expansion module for Call Panels ECPIR-P and ECPIR-3P
  • Powered from master Call Panel
  • Eight programmable buttons with individual labels and status indicators
  • Optional button protection covers
  • Four units can be connected to one Call Panel (ICX-AlphaCom, AlpaCom XE, SIP, Edge, Pulse)
  • No additional licenses required for the expansion module (AlphaCom or later, Turbine 4.7 and later)

Exigo Button Expansion Module EBMDR-8

The EBMDR-8 button module features eight fully programmable buttons.

Up to four EBMDR-8 modules may be daisy-chained to one ECPIR giving maximum 35 programmable buttons.

  1. Power off the ECPIR station by disconnecting the ethernet cable or the external power supply.
  2. Using the small connection cable supplied, connect the EBMDR-8 expansion module to the ECPIR or preceding module as shown in the figure.
  3. Connect the white connector on the cable to the corresponding white connector on the ECPIR or preceding EBMDR-8.
  4. Connect the black connector on the cable to the corresponding black connector on the EBMDR-8.
EMDBR-8 connection to ECPIR


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