ENA Amplifier - Basic configuration (SIP mode)

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ENA Amplifiers i SIP mode

This article describes the basic configuration required for a Exigo Network Amplifier (ENA) to operate with an SIP server. The ENA Amplifiers are configured through their web interface.
For a more detailed description of various settings and options, see ENA Configuration - SIP mode.

Configure the amplifier

Registration Settings

Use the web browser on a PC to log on to the web interface of the amplifier, go to Main > Main Settings, and:

  1. Set Mode = "SIP"
  2. Select the preferred Internet Protocol (IPv4 or IPv6)
  3. Configure the IP Settings (IP address) of the amplifier
The Main Settings page

Note icon To find the IP address of the amplifier, use the Menu Selection Knob on the front of the amplifier, and navigate to Information > Network.

  • Go to SIP Configuration -> Account/Call and configure relevnt parameters for the SIP account:
The Account/Call Settings page

Configure Loudspeaker lines

In the Amplifier Settings > Line Control, you can configure Loudspeaker Line Voltage to 70 or 100V, enable or disable channels and set a master volume.

Multicast Paging

To enable and configure multicast the advanced configuration mode must be enabled.
When advanced configuration mode are enabled go to SIP Configuration > Multicast Paging to enable and configure multicast.