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The 'Owner' station dials a directory number with feature 52 (event trigger without tone) or feature 85 (event trigger with cancel tone) which triggers the defined events. The event must be related to the directory number which triggers the event. When the event is triggered by physically dialling the ‘Related to’ directory number, the event can only report an ON status. If the event is triggered from the data protocol message $ER, it is also possible to report an OFF status.
The field ‘Subevent’ can be used to group event triggers. This field is associated with the 'Parameter 1' field of the feature. This means that a number of event trigger directory numbers can be defined with the same parameter. If the ‘Related to’ field is set to ‘ALL’ and the ‘Subevent’ field is set to that same parameter value, all these directory numbers will trigger the same event.
When used in conjunction with the data protocol message $ER, the owner does not need to be a physical station, but can be a dummy (non-existent) station. This can be useful when an RCI needs to trigger a lengthy action string, which exceeds the allowed length for the RCI action string itself. The action string for the RCI can then be an event report on a dummy station, where the real actions are performed on the event trigger on this dummy station.
The event is also triggered when dialling a directory number with feature 95 (Event trigger with user parameter) or feature 105 (Event trigger with digits). In this case the event reports ON when the event directory number has been dialled and OFF when the event is ‘disconnected’. In the case of feature 95 and 105, this is useful functionality. Feature 95 and 105 directory numbers do not disconnect immediately after connection (like feature 52 or 85 directory numbers), but either timeout after 20 seconds, or can be disconnected via a data protocol message $DISCON_ST.
This event can also be triggered during conversation by pressing a digit with feature 108.

Event description

Event Owner: A station or UDP group
Event type: 15 - Event trigger feature
Subevent: See below
When change to ON: When dialing a directory number with feature 52, 85, 95 or 105
When change to OFF: When feature 95 or 105 disconnects
When related to: The event trigger directory number

Event triggers

  • Feature 52 (9534): Event trigger without cancel tone
  • Feature 85 (9533): Event trigger with cancel tone
  • Feature 95 (9535): Event trigger with directory number parameter
  • Feature 105 (9545): Event trigger with digit parameter
  • Feature 108: Event trigger during connection
  • AlphaCom SIP interface: Trunked call from AlphaCom to SIP, incomming digits from SIP is reported event 15, sub event = digit value.

Feature 52 and 85 triggers the ON event only


  • The parameter 1 attribute of the Event Trigger directory number (52/n, 85/n or 108/n) must match the sub-event
  • Example: Feature 85/2 will trigger event type 15, sub-event 2
  • The parameter 1 attribute can be used to group event triggers by filtering on subevent type
  • Rule-Subevent 255 matches all trigger-subevents.


  • Any function or combination of functions which is not supported by the standard features in the AlphaCom