Event Trigger w/User Parameter

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Feature: Event Trigger w/User Parameter
Default directory number: 9535
Feature number: 95
Parameter 1: 0-255 = Subevent in the Event Handler
Description: Event Trigger feature allowing user-parameter. Can be used to build special functions from the Event Handler. Many directory numbers can be dialed in sequence as parameter. Each time a directory number is dialed, the event type 25 is triggered. Can be used e.g. to build Dynamic group call.

Note that the "Parameter 1" value must match the subevent value in the event handler. When using several Event Trigger w/User Parameter for different features, they must be separated from each other by using different parameter 1 and subevent.

Example: Dial 9535 + 104 + 109 + C. The following events are triggered:

"26 - Event Trigger Start w/User parameter" ON

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