FCDC-3 - Backwards compatibility

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The FCDC-3 is fully compatible with FCDC-1, FCDC-2 (including TFIX stations and Exigo Ex Access Panels) after these devices have been upgraded to software version or newer.

  • If these devices are running version or older, there will be no compatibility. There will be no connection between the FCDC-3 and these devices.
  • In mixed cluster, FCDC1/2 should be set as "Not CCo". One FCDC3 should be set as "CCo" . For that reason we recommend to replace the rack side Flowires with FCDC3 when FCDC1/2 need to be replaced.

If you mix software version (or older) and version (or newer) on the same Flowire network, there will be limited compatibility. They will connect and let you do software upgrade, but regular operations will not work.

Note icon Updating EX-stations to version must be done by using a FCDC1 or FCDC2