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Flowire FCDC-3

Flowire is based on the HomePlug AV power line communications specification, only using 24 - 48 V DC as the medium. It is a network bridge between Ethernet and a PLC link.


  • One single-paired cable can be used to distribute power and data
  • The cable hauls can be longer than standard ethernet cabling, reducing the need for switches and/or repeaters
  • Up to 9 Flowire devices can be connected to the same 2-wire network structure
  • Existing infrastructure can be used, even though only a single pair is available, which reduces the total cost of retrofit projects
  • The Flowire Converter can be used with any Ethernet enabled device

The Flowire Converter enables Ethernet to run on the same two wires as power, providing simpler cabling and opens up for longer cable hauls. The Flowire Converter is also capable of powering Ethernet devices attached to it, such as IP intercom stations or IP cameras.

Flowire devices

There are three hardware versions:

  • FCDC-3 (1008080310 ). The FCDC-3 is a replacement for the previous versions FCDC1 and FCDC2.

Obsolete versions:


The FCDC-3 is backwards compatible with FCDC-1, FCDC-2 and TFIX stations/Ex Access Panels after a software upgrade.

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