IP Horn Loudspeaker - 1401002500

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Obsolete icon This product is discontinued!

This product is discontinued and replaced by IP Horn Loudspeaker - ELSII-10H



  • Compatible with STENTOFON AlphaCom, STENTOFON Pulse and iPBXs (SIP)
  • Designed to deliver CCoIP® - Critical Communication over IP
  • Ideal for Micro Zone PA and systems that require a limited number of speakers
  • Each speaker is individually addressable
  • Ideal for speakers installed in remote locations, e.g. roads and railways
  • IP-67 housing
  • Remote software upgrade, configuration, and monitoring
  • Integrated data switch with advanced networking and security functions
  • Relay output for remote control, e.g. doors, signal lamps, gates
  • Powered from the IP network cable using Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Superb audio quality – high bandwidth codec and adaptive jitter filter.


The IP speaker supports open standards and is compatible with STENTOFON AlphaCom, STENTOFON Pulse and iPBX's using SIP technology. When working in AlphaCom mode, the IP speaker supports special services only available using the STENTOFON CCoIP protocol, AlphaCom server. Examples of services are emergency broadcast with volume override, CCTV integration, call priority, and AlphaNet multisite networking and STENTOFON event scripting.

With IP, the system is able to monitor and address each speaker individually. By moving the amplifier from a central unit out to the speaker itself, the need for a central amplifier unit with conventional speaker loops is eliminated. This makes the system highly scalable, and adding another speaker is very easy.

Even though conventional speaker loops are not used, the speakers can still be divided into groups. These zones can now extend over networks or span the internet.

The IP ceiling loudspeaker has an integrated managed data switch providing advanced networking and security features. The integrated switch provides support for:

  • Protection from unwanted access
  • Quality of Service (QoS) by managing data traffic
  • Increased system availability through redundant LAN infrastructure
  • Cost efficient installation by providing shared network connections

To provide maximum availability, the speaker comes with advanced supervision functions. The speaker line test will detect if there are any faults in the network or speaker electronics. The status of the speaker is reported to AlphaWeb as well as to 3rd party management systems using SNMP, Syslog or OPC.

The speaker has a built-in web server for status information, control, and upgrade. It is easy to install and maintain and all broadcasts are logged in detailed reports using STENTOFON AlphaCom.

The IP Horn loudspeaker is ideal for “Micro Zone PA”, e.g. when you only want to address a specific area such as a guard room, elevator, patient waiting room etc.


Material / Color ASA / RAL 7035
Mounting Bracket
Dimensions (HxWxD) 144x186x207 mm
Weight 1.8 kg
Max. SPL / 1m 104 dB
Max. SPL/1 kHz/1m 94 dB
Effective frequency range 330 - 7000 Hz (G.722 Codec)
Dispersion (-6 dB) 1kHz / 4 kHz 140°C / 40°C
Protection Class IP-67
Temperature Range -50°C to +55°C
Power Power over Ethernet, IEEE 802.3 a-f, Class 0
Local power 19-27 VDC, Idle 4W, max. 8W
Connectors 2 x RJ45 (Ethernet) 10/100 Mbps
Pluggable screw terminals (audio and IO)
Remote control
Max. switching capacity
Max. voltage relay
Max. current relay
3 digital inputs, 1 relay output and one logical output
30W DC
60V DC
SIP RFC 3261, SIP Info (DTMF), RFC 2833 (DTMF)
IP Protocols IP v4 - TCP - UDP - HTTPS - TFTP - RTP - RTCP - DHCP - SNMP - DiffServ - TOS - STENTOFON CCoIP® - SIP
LAN Protocols Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3 a-f), VLAN (IEEE 802.1pq)*,
Network Access Control (IEEE 802.1x)*, STP (IEEE 802.1d)
RSTP (IEEE 802.1d-2004)
Audio technology Wideband 200 Hz - 7 kHz (G.722)
Telephony 3.4kHz (G.711)
Adaptive jitter filter
1.5 Watt audio output
8 ohm loudspeaker impedance
Management and operation HTTPS (Web configuration)
DHCP and static IP
Remote automatic software upgrade
Centralized monitoring
Advanced features Dual port managed data switch supporting VLAN and network access control
Compliance CE and FCCPart 15
* Not supported in STENTOFON PULSE mode

LED Indications

Board Connectors

IP Station Configuration

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Reset to factory settings

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Software Upgrade

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