Integration with ASL PAVA - Playing prerecorded messages from ICX-AlphaCom

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When the ICX-AlphaCom system and Vipedia system are connected we can use more function from ICX-AlphaCom to complement the functions of Vipedia. One of those functions is the scheduler of the ICX-AlphaCom.

Playing scheduled messages

Using the same hardware setup and group configuration as described in the Integration with ASL PAVA using the TKIE-2 kit article we can play scheduled messages to the ASL Vipedia system.

Create an scheduler event as shown in the picture below.

Example: At 25 minutes past every hour, send prerecorded message 8193 to group 85

Action commands:

$GM L85 L8193 U1 U0 U0

  • $GM - Group Message command
  • L85 - Destination group
  • L8193 - Announcement message for playback in group
  • U1 - Repeat message once
  • U0 - No gong signal
  • U0 - Use default Setup Priority

See $GM for more details.

Then under the button details you can select the moments the scheduler has to do its work.

The scheduler settings