MAC address (ICX and AlphaCom servers)

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Each of the two ethernet ports in the ICX-500 or in the AlphaCom Servers has an unique MAC address. Zenitel has a MAC address range from 00:13:CB:00:00:00 to 00:13:CB:FF:FF:FF.

This MAC address is used by ethernet port 0 (Eth0). The MAC address of ethernet port 1 (Eth1) is generated by adding 80:00:00.

It is always the MAC address of Eth0 which is refereed to when dialing 789 on a display station, and in the server web interface, System Monitoring > Node information and in System Configuration > Licensing. The MAC address of Eth1 is found in System Configuration > Interfaces.

If the MAC address is to be used for instance for firewall rules, it is important to provide the IT-administrator with the correct MAC address.