Milestone XProtect - ICX-AlphaCom/IC-EDGE - Release Notes

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Release State: Released
Release Version:
Installation Package: VS-MilestonePlugin_Setup_V1.0.3.3.msi


This release note describes the changes made to the Windows Installation Package VS-VS-MilestonePlugin_Setup_Vx.x.x.x.msi. The package installs a configurable interface between Milestone XProtect Smart Client and ICX-AlphaCom or IC-EDGE. For installation please attend the installation procedure available on Zenitel Wiki from the 3'rd party integration section.

VS-MilestonePlugin version

In version the log file of call history and station status changes has been moved from the Milestone Log Server to a local file at the Milestone Smart Client. This has been done to eliminate configuration. Using the Milestone Log Server requires quite a lot of setup and the logging depends on Log Server running and the AddToLogServerService. Saving the logging locally requires no configuration.
The log files are stored in the directory C:\ProgramData\Milestone\StationStateLog.
The log files are named StationStateLog_yyyymmdd.log, where yyyymmdd is the date of the file creation.
A new file is created each day. Up to 30 files are saved. The oldest is removed.

VS-MilestonePlugin version

In this version a call history has implemented. The call logging is done using the Milestone XProtect Management system logging facility. This means that the call history is only available via the Milestone XProtect Management Client. The log cannot be accessed via the Milestone XProtect Smart Client. The Milestone Plugin will run without the AddToLogService installed, but no log entries will be added without the service running. The installation of the AddToLogService procedure is available on the 3’rd party integration page.

VS-MilestonePlugin version

When in IC-EDGE mode, and the communication link to the Edge Controller is broken, it is displayed on the screen as 'No connection to ICX'. This is corrected to 'No connection to 'IC-EDGE'.

VS-MilestonePlugin version

This is the first release of the Milestone XProtect Smart Client configurable Integration with ICX-AlphaCom or IC-EDGE.