Pager number

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Pager number is the internal number used by AlphaCom for pocket (radio) pagers receivers configured in AlphaCom / AlphaPro.

The number is in the range 1 - 600.

The most important data to configure for a pocket pager is:

  • Call address of the receiver (sent in record type 1 of ESPA 4.4.4 message)
  • Which pocket paging transmitter to use

Pager number 100 is reserved for "out of range testing". If the transmitter is seleceted for pager 200, the AlphaCom will initiate a paging transmission once every minute. This is used to support pager receivers which display a "out of range" indication if no transmissions are heard for some time.

If the pager call address contains any number of '?' characters, the pager description is used as a template. Many AlphaCom users can then share the same pager description. The '?' sequence is replaced with the directory number of the paged AlphaCom user. If the '?' sequence in the template is shorter than the directory number, the last digits of the directory number is used.