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Some Pulse features require a software license key. The license key is linked to the MAC address of the Pulse Server.

This article describes the "Generation 3" licening, supported by Turbine stations ver. 4.7 and higher. For licenseing in previous versions of Turbine software, and for the INCA Station platform, see Pulse Licensing - Generation 1 and 2.

Pulse License Activation Code and License Keys


Zenitel generates a ‘License Activation Code’ (LAC) which can be regarded as the actual article. In order for Zenitel to be able to generate the actual License Key, the License Activation Code must be registered at Zenitel together with the MAC-address of the station that serves as a Pulse server.

Registration can be done by reporting the MAC-address and LAC in an e-mail to More than one LAC can be listed on the registration form. All listed License Activation Codes together with the MAC address will be used to generate a single License Key which will enable all licensed functions.

The License Key will be shipped to the customer’s e-mail address. As the License key is rather complex, it should be inserted in the set-up program using the copy/paste function.

Additional licences

Pulse Server: Input license key

Additional licenses can be purchased at any time. Any new license will be added to already purchased licenses for the same hardware. A new license key will be issued to replace the existing license key; this will cover all the new and old legal licenses.

Inserting the license key

  • Obtain the license key from your STENTOFON supplier
  • Log on to the web page of the Pulse Server station
  • Select Station Administration > Licensing
  • Press the Insert License button
  • Enter the 24 or 36 character key string in the New License field
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions by pressing "Yes"


The following licenses are available:

License Item Number Comments
Enterprise 1009660002 License for Pulse Trunking and SDK/API support. Allows connection to up to 50 other Pulse systems, or to supported 3rd party iPBX
1 x Intercom Extension 1009661001 License for one IP Intercom. Note that the first 16 stations do not require any license
6 x Intercom Extensions 1009661006 License for 6 pcs of IP Intercoms. Note that the first 16 stations do not require any license
1 x VS-Client Extension 1009661101 License for one VS-Client (PC Client)
6 x VS-Client Extensions 1009661106 License for 6 pcs of VS-Clients
1 x SIP Client Extension 1009661201 License for one 3rd party SIP telephone
6 x SIP Client Extensions 1009661206 License for 6 pcs of 3rd party SIP telephones
TelTrunk 1009662001 License for GSM telephone gateway and Analog telephone gateway. One license per gateway

Software requirements

The Generation 3 license requires that the Pulse Server is a:

Free License period

Pulse comes with a 60-day Grace period where all the functions can be tested without the need to purchase any license. Total available clients and trunks can be configured. Grace timer starts running when station is connected for first time. Timer is running only when station is running. Factory reset and firmware upgrade will not reset the Grace period timer.

Grace period timer is visible under:

  • Station Administration > Licensing
  • Server Management > Server Monitoring
Grace period shown in web interface

Additional information

Stations in SIP mode

When an Vingtor-Stentofon IP station is used in SIP mode, it is allowed to connect to Pulse server. It will use one SIP Client Extensions license. The station will not take any Intercom Extension license to register.

Backwards compatibility support

Both Pulse clients and Pulse server need to be upgraded to firmware version 4.7 for new Pulse licensing system to work. E.g. a combination of clients with new firmware and server with previous firmware can cause licence policing issues. Since there is no client license policing anymore, all previously client policed licenses are automatically enabled. Old Turbine 3.0.x and 4.2 server licenses are automatically recognized and created by License manager. VS-IS 4.2 Pulse Enterprise license is also mapped to the new Enterprise license item.

VS-IS for Skidata

Both VS-IS 1.1 and 1.2 delivered to Skidata are developed on 4.2 basis, and therefore it is strongly advised to only use latest 4.2 firmware for IP stations that are sold as an add-on to Skidata device with embedded VS intercom system. 

Support for INCA stations

INCA stations do not support Generation 3 of license key. Therefore, Pulse server Enterprise, Intercom Extension and VS-Client extension license items are not available on INCA.