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From the Simplex Conferences menu you can modify the properties of the Simplex Conferences. See also main article: Simplex Conference

The Simplex Conference window

  • Conference Number: The Simplex Conference ID number, 1-50
  • Description: The text you enter here is displayed in the listbox to the left. Note that this text is not transferred to the AlphaCom server. It is stored locally on the PC only.
  • Default Member: As soon as one or more users join the conference, this user will be forced into the conference in listening mode
  • Default Member is Default Speaker
    • Disabled (default): Nobody is feeding audio into the conference by default
    • Enabled: As soon as one or more users join the conference, the "Default Member" will be forced into the conference in "talk mode", i.e. he will feed audio into the conference as long as no other users are talking (i.e. pressing the M-key)
  • Minimum Talk Priority: Allows you to set restrictions if a station is allowed to talk into a conference or not. Four levels are available:
  • Low (default)
  • Medium
  • High
  • Alarm
Each station has a "Simplex Conference Talk Priority" which has to be set higher than this setting to be able to talk into the conference. Else the station will be able to listen only, not talk back.
  • Conference over Conversation/AlphaNet Setup Priority:
    • Disabled (default): The conference audio is muted during conversation.
    • Enabled: The conference audio is mixed with the conversation audio. If the conference is an "AlphaNet Global Conference", and all available VoIP channels between the AlphaCom servers are in use, the system will release one of the VoIP channels and use it for the conference.
  • AlphaNet Global Conference: When users in different AlphaCom servers join the conference, the conferences will automatically be interconnected via AlphaNet into one big conference.
    • Disabled (default): The conference is used in local AlphaCom server only
    • Enabled: The conference is a global conference. All AlphaCom servers to be part of this global conference must have this flag enabled.
Note icon Only one user can be defined as Default Speaker in a Global Conference.

  • Recording: When enabled (default), the conference audio will be sent to external audio recorder if such device is connected. See AlphaCom Recording Interface
  • Codec: Option to force what codec to use for this conference
  • Use Group Exclusion for SX Talker: If two stations are located close to each other, there is a risk for acoustic feedback if both are listening to the same conference channel, and one of them is talking in the conference. When enabling this flag, one can use the Group Exclusion table of the talking station to avoid audio from being transmitted to the neighbouring station(s).

Directory Number and Display Text

Default directory numbers for the conference channels 1 - 50 are 8201 - 8250. For conference off: 8200.

Modifying the Directory Numbers and Display Text for the conference channels are done from the Directory & Features window. Simplex Conference is feature number 65.

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