SoftClient - Release Notes

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Release State: Released
Release Version:
Last Release Date: 2012-04-28


Errors Corrected

No separate volume adjustment for ringing tone (MTN 30)

Customers using softclients as masterstation is complaining about the fact that the volume of the ringing tone is too loud compared to the audio from the intercomstations.

Added Volume control slider for local generated tones under 'Preferences' / 'Configure Audio Device' Default tone amplitude gain is set to -16 dBm0. Note! The control only applies for local generated tones as Call Request tones. Ringing tones etc is sent from AlphaCom as rtp audio, and do not have a separate tone control, but adjusted as normal audio playback for application.


Errors Corrected

BZ 450 SoftClient missing audio (Multicast and local tones)

Group call audio and alarm messages not working. Applies to both multiplied unicast and multicast. Fixed.

Note! True multicast support still missing, but the SoftClient should be able to operate in an multicast setup.



Add configuration of SoftClient Process Priorities "System Standard" or "High" (default). Setting a higher pri on process might help in systems with high loads, and poor audio quality in the SoftClient.


Errors Corrected

BZ 412 Softclient size and placement

The SoftClient do save its size and position on Application close (using Exit from menu or systray). It will not be saved on system shutdown. When SoftClient last placement is outside the visual desktop (i.e on a second monitor not currently present) it will be moved to upper left corner on monitor number 1.

BZ 438 Incoming call gets cancelled when typing a document

New config parameter "Inhibit key input after pop-up". If set the SoftClient will not accept any keyboard input after pop-up before the SoftClient window clicked with the left mouse button.

BZ 438 Partly fixed - SoftClient mising audio (Multicast and local tones)

The softclient do now play local tones (Call request tone etc) as commanded from the AlphaCom

BZ 495 Not possible to use dirno starting with zero

Registration Dirno validation on preferences dialogue updated to allow Dirno starting with zeros.

When flushing and importing new contacts the Address book view contains a empty lines

The Addressbook view is now refreshed correctly. No SoftClient reset required.


Errors Corrected

BZ 431 Registration problem

Improved TCP connection monitoring after model from IP Station using low level socket TCP_KEEPALIVE.


First official release.