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There are three WORDs of flags controlling some of the features/behaviours of each station.

16 &537166 .module_profile.st_profile[1].flags = 96 (0x0060)
17 &537168 .module_profile.st_profile[1].flags2 = 0 (0x0000)
21 &489568 .module_profile.st_profile[1].flags3 = 0 (0x00000000)(32 bits)

Flags (1)

Const (STFB_) Description Hex code Dec code
0 DUPLEX Duplex switching station 0x0001 1
1 D30 Enables Direct Access D30 0x0002 2
2 HOTLINE Enables Hotline Call Feature 0x0004 4
3 TONETEST Disables Tone Test Line Monitoring 0x0008 8
4 CONFOVER Override current conference-talker with same priority 0x0010 16
5 VOICEHLP No Voice Msg. are ever heard, voice_help_wanted 0x0020 32
6 FEA_REM User wants feature reminder, fea_rem_wanted 0x0040 64
7 FUNCPRIV Use function code to control OPEN-PRIVATE or not, func_open_priv 0x0080 128
8 EXT_LT_D Disables Extended Line Test Monitoring 0x0100 256
9 MAIL_IDLE Enables display of current mail in Idle 0x0200 512
10 DAK_DISPLAY_DIRNO Enables dirno to be displayed in DualDisplay DAK display 0x0400 1024
11 DAK_AUTO_CANCEL Enables automatic cancel while using dak during conversation 0x0800 2048
12 DAK_DIRNO_CONN_IDLE Enable dirno CONN received in idle to get next dak event in dak string 0x1000 4096
13 DAK_AUTO_INQUIRY Enable dirno to use inquiry on dak keys 0x2000 8192
14 DAK_DISPLAY Enable DAK display on other stations than DualDisplay 0x4000 16384
15 IPARIO_2_AMP IPARIO with 2 amplifiers connected 0x8000 32768

Flags (2)

Const (STF2B_) Description Hex code Dec code
0 2TONE_DAK_SIGN Use two tones for DAK signaling 0x0001 1
1 SIGN_ACK Display message acknowledge on DAK key pressed 0x0002 2
2 DISPLAY_ACK Acknowledge on some displaymessages sent to station 0x0004 4
3 NOT_USE_AEC Set TRUE if station is not to use AEC chips 0x0008 8
4 PRIVACY Station is forced to be in privacy (prison) 0x0010 16
5 CELL_STATION_FEAT Cell station with some special behavior (program display) 0x0020 32
6 IP_STATION This is an IP station, should have a mac address defined. 0x0040 64
7 IP_AUTENTICATE IP station require autentification 0x0080 128
8 NO_DISPLAY Force station to be a non display station (turn off auto display test) 0x0100 256
9 NO_OFF_HOOK_TONE No off hook tone (PA use of ATLB lines) 0x0200 512
10 RECORD_IN Record incoming calls 0x0400 1024
11 RECORD_OUT Record outgoing calls 0x0800 2048
12 DISABLE_OPC Not report to OPC server 0x1000 4096
13 CRM_NOTIFY CRM station type get standard mail notify 0x2000 8192
14 IP_AUDIO_ONLY IP only station (Dummy IP station), always in combination with IP_STATION bit 0x4000 16384
15 XLR_PA_MONITORING IP-ARIO monitoring of the audio cable 1 = On 0x8000 32768

Flags (3)

Const (STF3B_) Description Hex code Dec code
0 IPARIO_AUDIO Set if IP ARIO should request audio license 0x00000001 1
1 SIP_STATION This is a SIP station ( 0x00000002 2
2 ALLOW_DIRNO_REG Allow dirno registration of IP station ( 0x00000004 4
3 DTMF_DISCON Station receive DTMF tone as conversation cancel tone ( 0x00000008 8
4 NOT_REC_ON_DEMAND Recording related to station like before even if global flag recording on demand is ON (Not used) 0x00000010 16
5 NO_TONE_TEST_VOL Avoid increasing volume for tone test 0x00000020 32
6 ALWAYS_OPEN Station is always in Open mode 0x00000040 64
7 ZAP_ENDPOINT Station is a ZAP endpoint (12.3) 0x00000080 128
8 MOVE_DAK_IO IO reported as DAK/IND is moved to index 101-> (11.5 and 12.3) 0x00000100 256
9 MIX_CNTR_MASTER Mixer station control I/O/DAK (12.3) 0x00000200 512
10 MIX_MASTER Mixer station Master volume control of mixer channels (12.3) 0x00000400 1024
11 MIX_CHANNEL Mixer station cnf audio channel (12.3) 0x00000800 2048
12 NO_MULTI_TALKBACK Disable Mixer station Multi Talkback on M-key (12.3) 0x00001000 4096
13 MIX_TALKBACK_ST Select talkback audio st, default MIX_MASTER (12.3) 0x00002000 8192
14-31 NOT USED

Event Handler Flag Programming

Flags can be configured by using the event handler event "Faulty Station Line" OFF.
The examples below add a new bit to the existing flag. (Old flags are kept)


$SNV Q%op(%gnv(5,8,%1.phy,16),|,Dec Code) W5 W8 W%1.phy W16

Flags (2)

$SNV Q%op(%gnv(5,8,%1.phy,17),|,Dec Code) W5 W8 W%1.phy W17

Flags (3)

$SNV Q%op(%gnv(5,8,%1.phy,21),|,Dec Code) W5 W8 W%1.phy W21