Stream audio from 3rd party

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This article describes how to stream audio from a 3rd party source to the AlphaCom or ICX using an IP Dummy:

IP Dummy

  • In AlphaWeb - Filters, open an UDP port for incoming audio, e.g. 4322.
Filter settings

  • Trigger the action command:
Event Handler

Action commands:

$VAC L165 U8 '' W1234 W4322

  • 165 = the Dummy
  • U8 = G.722
  • = IP Address of PC
  • 4322 = UDP port for audio

From Windows command line, enter:

ffmpeg.exe -re -i "C:\Programmer\ffmpeg\media\06 Paradise by the Dashboard Light.mp3" -ac 1 -acodec g722 -ar 16000 -f rtp rtp://

  • "C:\Programmer\ffmpeg\media\06 Paradise by the Dashboard Light.mp3" = audio source
  • = IP Address of the AlphaCom