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TA-10 is a Relay Module to be used with Turbine Industrial stations TFIE-1 and TFIE-2, and the Turbine kits TKIE-1 and TKIE-2.

The TA-10 Relay Module


  • Designed for use with Turbine Industrial stations TFIE-x, and the Turbine kits TKIE-x
  • Fits inside the TFIE Industrial stations (Bracket is included in the TFIE station)
  • Dual high-power relays (DPDT)
  • Up to 400VAC /48 VDC per relay
  • Up to 8A current per relay
  • Heavy-duty spring-loaded terminals with spare grounding terminals
  • Powered by Turbine Industrial stations (TFIE-x) or Turbine Extended Kit (TKIE-x)


  • Use the cable that comes with the TA-10, and connect one end to the Turbine Extended Board (Connector J2), and the other end to the TA-10 board as indicated in the drawing below
Connecting the TA-10 Relay Unit to a TFIE station or a TKIE kit


Logical RCO 11 is mapped to the relay of the TA-10 unit on station 118

ICX-AlphaCom Mode:

SIP or Pulse mode:

  • Log on to the web interface of the station
  • Select SIP Configuration > Relay Settings, select Relay 3 or Relay 4, and configure which event should operate the relay
  • See Relay Settings for more details


  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 100 x 50 x 40 mm
  • Weight: 0.1 kg

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