TKIS Connections

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This article describes the connections of the TKIS-2 kit.

The TKIS-2 kit is also used inside Zenitel IP Loudspeakers.

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TCIS Connections 1.PNG

Ethernet/Power 10/100 Mbps Ethernet RJ-45 port for LAN (uplink) connection. Supports PoE (802.3af). Draws power from either spare line or signal line.
Secondary Power 24 VDC (16 – 48 V) secondary power is provided from an external adapter.
Relays There is one Double Throw relay contact with 60W switching power. COM, NO, NC contacts are provided. Max: 250VAC/220VDC, 2A, 60W
Input/Output 6 general purpose I/Os are available. Each I/O can be configured as either input, output, or LED driver.
Audio Line Out A balanced 600 ohm audio line out with induction loop signal

  • When the Turbine Kit is connected to the network, its IP address is automatically obtained from a DHCP server or an IP address in the range 169.254.x.x will be assigned.
  • To make the kit speak its IP address:
    • connect a speaker to the speaker output
    • connect a button to input 1
    • press the button after startup

Network Connection

Turbine Compact Kit

There is one RJ-45 port located on the Turbine Compact Kit that is used for PoE/LAN Ethernet connection.

Power Supply (optional)

The Turbine Compact Kit supports Power over Ethernet (PoE). If PoE is not available, the Turbine Compact Kit can be powered from a 24 VDC local power supply.

Input/Output Connections

There are 6 I/O connection options for the Turbine Compact Kit. These connections can be used to interface with external I/O devices. The connections are typically used as digital input (eg. from a closing contact), digital output (5V), or LED driving (20mA max) for connecting sensors, indicators or integration to other systems.

See also Turbine Compact Board Connectors