TouchLine station used for Call Queing

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TouchLine display stations can be used for call queuing. With its 2-line display the TouchLine station is suitable to use as a simple "Guard station" to receive Call Requests from substations. DAK keys can be configured to scroll and answer the call queue.

Configuration for Call Queuing

When the TouchLine station is used for call queuing the following settings should be made in AlphaPro:

  • In Users & Stations, set Station Type = "Master station"
  • In Users & Stations, select the tab 'Station Type' and set the flag Show main in Idle
  • In Users & Stations, press [DAK]. In the tab 'DAK 1-10' enter the queue navigation codes for answer, scroll and delete on approriate keys:
    • Navigation key 1: 7638 (Answer)
    • Navigation key 2: 7637 (Up)
    • Navigation key 3: 7639 (Down)
    • Navigation key 4: 7630 (Delete)

TouchLine display stations models