Touchless sensor (w/ backbox)

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Touchless sensor, item 2390020100

The Touchless sensor (item 2390020100) is an IR-sensor that connects to Zenitel IP stations, and is used to activate calls with gesture recognition instead of pressing the call button.

The sensor button is powered by 5 volts. Most Zenitel IP stations has a built-in 5V output which can be used to power the sensor button.


  • Input Voltage: 5V
  • Available contacts: Normally Open & Normally Closed
  • Sensor active time: 0,5 secs
  • Operating distance: 15cm
  • IP66


Connections are made to the switch using the supplied 5 pin plug.
Correct orientation of the plug is ensured by the connector locating guides.

Color code

  • Red - +5 Volt supply
  • Brown - 0 Volt supply
  • Green - Normally Closed
  • Blue - Common
  • Purple - Normally Open

Typical Application

Touchless sensor - general wiring

Use Case Examples

Touchless sensor - wiring example:

Touchless sensor wired to Input 1 on a Turbine station

Configuration on IC-Edge

  • To configure the Input select Edge Controller > System Configuration > Direct Access Keys.
  • Select Show/Hide Settings on the station you want to configure.
  • Configure the Input to Call To, and enter the directory number to call when activated.
Input 1 configured to call number 13 when triggered

More details can be found on Direct Access Key Settings.

Configuration in ICX-AlphaCom

To configure the input to call a preconfigured number:

  1. Select Users & Stations
  2. Select the intercom station to which the touchless sensor is connected
  3. Open the DAK window
  4. Select the tab DAK 11-20
  5. On DAK 11 (= input 1(*)) enter the directory number to call when the input is activated
Input 1 configured to call number 13 when triggered

(*) Input 1 - 6 on Turbine stations are mapped to DAK 11 - 16.

More information is found under DAK programming.