Turbine on Cloud PBX

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This article describes the sections and features commonly used when configuring a Turbine station towards Cloud PBX providers.

Warning icon Do not connect a Turbine station directly to the internet on a public IP. Always behind a firewall.

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  • NAT Keep-Alive setting available from firmware version 4.11
  • Turbine Firmware does not currently support STUN/TURN/ICE, SIP Proxy must use symmetric RTP and SIP rport


These configuration steps are done via the Turbine web-interface. (We recommend Chrome or Firefox).
Except where stated, the parameters in all the procedures are the default settings and are supplied for reference only.

Main settings

Please see Main_Settings_(IP_Stations)

Account settings

Please see Account_Settings_(SIP)

Call Settings

Please see Call_Settings_(Pulse)

Please see Call_Settings_(SIP)

Custom SIP port

To use a custom SIP port, it is necessary to use the SIP proxy fields and corresponding port field.

Customize SIP ports

NAT Keep alive

Sends UDP keep-alives every 25 seconds if enabled.

This function will send small UDP packages through the firewall to the SIP server to keep the firewall from closing the SIP connection prematurely.

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  • Station not registering
    • Check that you are using the correct credentials and that the SIP Configuration is correct.
    • Check that you have the latest firmware installed.
  • Call will not connect
    • Check your firewall settings
    • Check Codec settings. Has the SIP station and PBX a common codec configured?
  • No audio or one-way audio
    • Check firewall
    • Try to disable SIP ALG in your NAT router
  • Relay does not trigger on DTMF
    • Check that PBX is sending supported DTMF Type. (SIP INFO or RFC2833)


Please see the following article to enable logging, extracting logs and using the TCPdump tool.