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Release State: Released
Release Version:
Installation Package: VS-OPC Classic for AlphaCom_Setup_V6.0.3.12.msi

VS-OPC Classic for AlphaCom 6.x.x.x

Important Note about Upgrading from version 5.x.x.x.

The AlphaCom OPC server has now been renamed to VS-OPC Classic for AlphaCom. By default it is now installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Vingtor Stentofon\VS-OPC Classic for AlphaCom and the Start menu location is Start --> Vingtor Stentofon. This is where the shortcut to OPC Configurator for AlphaCom can be found. It is therefore important to uninstall an AlphaCom OPC server with a version number earlier than 6.x.x.x, before installing this new software.
It is also required to register the server. In the installation directory right-click RegServer.exe and select Run as administrator.

VS-OPC Classic for AlphaCom

The AlphaNet OPC Server does not support configuring an event as a ”Condition”-event. Only “Simple” and “No-Event” are supported. The possibility of configuring “Condition” event has been removed for the AlphaOPCConfigurator application.

VS-OPC Classic for AlphaCom

This release solves the issue, that the OPC-Server was not able to reconnect to the ICX-AlphaCom / ICX-core after a link disconnection. The OPC-Server will now constantly try reconnecting after a link disconnection.

VS-OPC Classic for AlphaCom

In this release the following has been changed:

  • LineState typecasted to Byte. Parameter1 typecasted to Int32.
  • Attempt to use group message 0 is ignored and not transfered to ICX-AlphaCom.

VS-OPC Classic for AlphaCom

MTN-2849: ICX-AlphaCom VS-SDK unstable 'related station' handling.

The ’related station’-field for an established connection is cleared in case another station calls one of the participants – gets busy and hangs up. This issue is now fixed.

VS-OPC Classic for AlphaCom

The VS-OPC Classic has been improved by

1)    ss.Linestate and cp.Parameter1 is typecasted to UInt32 as the protocol expects.

VS-OPC Classic for AlphaCom

The VS-OPC Classic has been improved by

1)    Making VS-OPC Server able to connect to the the AlphaCom via a remote connection provided by the AlphaNetServiceProvider.

2)    Updating the AlphaOPCConfigurator configuration utility for configuration of the remote connection.

VS-OPC Classic for AlphaCom

When the connection from the OPC-server to the AlphaCom fails  and comes back again (either AlphaCom switch off/on, or Ethernet cable unplugged/plugged in again), the OPC-server seems unable to re-establish the link to AlphaCom.

This problem has now been fixed.

VS-OPC Classic for AlphaCom

Shutdown of OPC-Server in case of no connection to AlphaCom  during startup has been changed.

The server will now constantly try reconnecting to Alphacom until connection is established or manually closed down.

VS-OPC Classic for AlphaCom

Update COS from the OPC-client

A new station item 'station_cos' has been added. This can be used to set a new COS value for the station.

VS-OPC Classic for AlphaCom

MTN-1832: cr_iterate_command & cr_iterate_station does not match station display

The order of the call requests in the queue as held by the OPC-server did not always match the order as shown in the station display. This has now been rectified.

VS-OPC Classic for AlphaCom

MTN-759: OPC Config File Location - Config not active running OPC server as a service

Both the OPCServer Configurator tool, and the OPC Server use the environment variable APPDATA (on windows 7 at least) to get the base location of the config file.  Really, it uses the .NET Environment API to get the location, so the real env variable might be different on different OSes.  Still, the idea is that it should use the same location for both applications. We have a reported issue, that when OPC Server is run as a service and configurator tool as normal application, these locations differs. A windows service AppData folder is typically placed under the c:\windows{somewhere} folder..  In this case it seems like the AppData env variables returns an empty string..!? Is the server run in some “sandbox environment” with a stripped env?

.NET code to get folder:

_defaultConfigFile = Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.ApplicationData) + " " +  "STENTOFON\\SDK " + configFile;

Configuration file is now stored in _defaultConfigFile = Environment.GetFolderPath(Environment.SpecialFolder.CommonApplicationData) +

"\\Vingtor Stentofon\\OPC\\" + configFile;

which is c:\ProgramData\Vingtor Stentofon\OPC\configFile;

VS-OPC Classic for AlphaCom


The OPC server is now based on .NET 4.6.2

Errors corrected

MTN-1180: OPC: hanging OPC server process

In some installations the OPC server would hang or crash. This was solved by upgrading to .NET 4.6.2 and upgrading to the latest Advosol components.

MTN-1183: OPC client cannot connect to OPC server after server restart

When the server computer running the OPC server is restarted (power failure for instance), the OPC client cannot automatically reconnect to the OPC server.This was solved by upgrading to .NET 4.6.2 and upgrading to the latest Advosol components.

MTN-1321: Relay on Turbine not operating from OPC on

The mapping of outputs has been changed on AMC-IP software The OPC server is now independent of this mapping and will work with all AMC-IP software versions.

MTN-1322: Turbine extended not supported in OPC server

Turbine Extended has more outputs available than Turbine. These outputs are now also accessible from the OPC server

MTN-1356: The station.releatedto item does not show any info after call transfer

After a call transfer, the station.relatedto now shows the correct information

MTN-1173: In the OPC configurator About tab there is a link to download OPC core components. This link is no longer valid.

The link now connets to a page from where download of OPC core components is possible.

AlphaCom OPC Server 5.x.x.x

For the release notes of AlphaCom OPC Server 5.x.x.x please go to OPC Server - Release Notes