VSF-Fortitude6 6.0 Release Notes

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Next Release - VSF-Fortitude6 6.1 Release Notes

This document provides the release notes for VSF-Fortitude6 6.0 with incremental bug fix releases. These release notes are the first release notes for VSF-Fortitude6.

Release info

Name: VSF-Fortitude6
Description: VSF-Fortitude6 is a firmware for IP Desk Master -V2, IP Desk Master -V2 w/handset and IP Flush Master -V2

The firmware is delivered in two different .swu files:

  • vsff6-6.0.3.x - Used for standard in-field upgrades
  • vsff6-prod-6.0.3.x - Used in production- and recovery upgrades.

Date: 12.01.2021
Status: General Availability
Compatibility: IP Desk Master V2 and IP Flush Master V2 are compatible with Edge, SIP, ICX and AlphaCom systems.


New Features

SUN-709 IP Flush Master V2 released

The IP Flush Master V2 is now available from vsff6-

Improvements and bug fixes

MTN-3172 Setting custom hostname now survives station reboot

If hostname was modified, it would revert back to the default hostname after reboot. This is now fixed.

MTN-3169 Reduced handset gain

The handset gain of IP Desk Master V2 has been reduced with 6 dB to make handset gain at level with IP Desk Master handset (previous hardware version).

MTN-3165 TCIV+ volume not properly applied after start-up/reboot

At start-up the main speaker volume was set to a low gain level (close config level 3) when a higher gain was configured. Any later gain change would set correct speaker gain. This is fixed, the set speaker gain will be applied after start-up as well.

MTN-3125 Station reboots when scanning port 5060 or 5061

Scanning SIP TCP port 5060 or SIPS TCP port 5061 would crash and reboot the TCIV+. This issue has been fixed.

MTN-3117 Configuration of "Read IP" address now available for device from an Edge Controller.

MTN-3115 Status LED not working in all states.

This has now been fixed.

MTN-3114 Force loudspeaker ringing option has changed default value

The option "Force loudspeaker ringing" option has changed default value from on to off. When "force loudspeaker ringing" is on, the IP Desk Master V2 will ring in speaker and handset when doing a private call.

MTN-3113 AGC not available from Edge Controller for IP Desk Master V2

This is now fixed.

MTN-3112 Ringlists can now be saved if device is an Edge Controller

If device was an Edge Controller, the ringlist could not be saved. This has now been fixed.

Note, the ringlist worked fine if a different device was used as Edge Controller e.g. TCIS.

MTN-1466 Cannot save firewall settings for same port with different protocols

It was not possible to save firewall settings if rules with the same port number but different protocols (for example port 5060 which has rules for tcp and udp) were edited. This is now fixed.


Improvements and bug fixes

MTN-3124 Station might stop working

If an internal recovery mechanism is triggered, the station is blocked from rebooting. Hence the station will stop to work. A power reboot is needed to get it working again. This issue is now fixed.


New Features

IP Desk Master V2 released

This document provides the release notes for the IP Desk Master V2 which are now available.