Zenitel Client Installer

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Recommended system requirements:

Operating System Windows 7 x86/64, Windows 8 x86/64
Hardware CPU: Dual Core Intel Core or newer

Hard drive: 40 GB or better
Modern integrated GPU with OpenGL 3.0 support
Network card

Audio Modern soundcard

Speakers and microphone

USB Button (optional) USB 2.0 support.

License requirements

  • IC-Edge system: Using the Zenitel-Client in the IC-Edge system is license free, and supported for up to 10 units.
Zenitel-client account in Pulse Server


The Zenitel Client application includes a Windows Installer package named VingtorStentofonIntercom_1.x.x.x.msi that is used to install VS-Client on the PC (1.x.x.x being the current software version). The installer has a Setup Wizard that will guide the user through the installation procedure.

  • Double-Click VingtorStentofonIntercom_1.x.x.x
  • Click Next
  • Check the Accept EULA box and click Next
  • Optionally change the default installation location, and/or select to install optional components:
    • ZAP Service: ZAP (Zenitel Application Protocol) - Configuration and Event Hub. Is automatically started by default. Should only be used with VS-SDK for Pulse.
    • Intercom Service: Intercom (VoIP) Signaling and Audio Processing Module. Disabled by default. Should only be used with VS-SDK for Pulse.
  • Click Next
  • ZenitelClientInstall5.png
    Click Install
  • Click Finish to complete the installation

Once installed, the Zenitel-Client application will be available in the Start Menu:

  • All Programs > Zenitel > Zenitel-Client

The application data is stored under the folder:

  • C:\ProgramData\Zenitel\EdgeAudioClient

VS-Client can be removed by running from the Start Menu:

  • All Programs > Zenitel > Uninstall Zenitel-Client