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This article describes how to install the ICX-AlphaCom Core software package.

ICX-AlphaCom Core is the software running on the ICX-500 Gateway. The software is also available for installation on industry standard PC hardware. ICX-AlphaCom Core can be installed either on a physical machine or virtual machine.

Minimum requirements

  • CPU: PC type hardware using Intel and AMD 64 bit processors, with the exception of the Intel Itanium processor.
  • Memory: 1 GByte
  • Harddisk: 15 GByte
  • Operating System: Linux - Ubuntu 18.04.x LTS Server - this is a strict requirement
  • Virtual Machine: The VM must be defined with 1 processor, 1 GB RAM and 15 GB harddisk as a minimum



  • Direct access to the Linux Console of the VM is required. The installation must be done from the VM console directly
    • Installations performed using SSH connection (Putty, Tera Term etc.) might fail due to network changes during installation.
    • For installations performed using remote connection, the remote computer must be in the same subnet as the VM machine.
  • ICX-AlphaCom Core can run directly on a PC or in a VM, in either case make certain that Ubuntu 18.04 Server is installed
  • An Internet connection must be available with a DNS server as the installation process will download security updates. Installation will not complete without a live connection.
  • Before installing version ICX-AlphaCom Core, any previously installed beta-version of ICX-AlphaCom Core must be removed. Command: sudo apt purge vs-'*'


  • Upload the ICX-AlphaCom Core software to your home directory of the VM, using for example WinSCP
  • Example file: “ICX-Core-01.00-bionic-”


  • From the Linux console, install the ICX-AlphaCom Core software with the following command:
sudo tar -xf ICX-Core-01.00-bionic- --to-command /bin/sh

  • After first time installation, later ICX-AlphaCom Core upgrades can be done from the ICX-WEB menu: System Maintenance -> System Upgrade


The ICX-AlphaCom Core requires a license to operate:

  • 1002600000 - ICX-Core_x64 - Software package ICXCore for x64.

In addition, licenses are required for devices and services. For details see Licenses for ICX-500 and ICX-AlphaCom Core

After being installed, the ICX-AlphaCom Core will run on a 20-day free license period, allowing for test and demo without having to purchase licenses.

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