IP Dual Display Station - 1008007000

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IP DualDisplay station 100 8007 000

The IP Dual Display Station is designed for desktop mounting in office environments. The physical size makes it easy to place on desks with limited space. An optional noise cancelling gooseneck microphone module can be mounted in noisy environments. The two easy-to-read displays and navigation buttons ensure quick and easy access to the person you want to reach and the functions you want to perform.

In AlphaCom mode, the station supports up to 90 Direct Access Keys (DAK) on 9 dynamic DAK pages.

Note icon When used in IC-Edge, Pulse or SIP mode, only 10 Direct Access Keys are supported

Getting Started


The station can operate in three different modes, depending on what kind of server the station should register to. Choose one of the links below according to what mode you need to configure.

Restore Factory Defaults and Software Upgrade

Connectors, Indicators and Dimensions


Software Requirements

This station is fully supported as form AlphaCom version

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