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Welcome to the Zenitel Wiki
Everything you need to know about Vingtor-Stentofon ICX, AlphaCom, IC-Edge, PULSE and SIP Intercom.
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Zenitel Wiki contains technical information about the platforms IC-Edge, Pulse, SIP Intercom, ICX and AlphaCom. Here you will find up to date installation instructions, feature descriptions, configuration guides, application examples, integration with 3rd party systems, software download library, upgrade procedures and more. contains general product information, including product specifications, ordering details, data sheets and download links to PDF manuals, certificates and declarations.

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ICX-500 Gateway
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New stations (10.2020)

  • New Desk Video station:

Software Package VSIS 5.1 (02.2020)

Video of the week

How to set up the TCIV+ Video Intercom:

For more videos, see HowTo Videos on YouTube