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* Select '''Station Administration''' > '''Change Password'''.
* Select '''Station Administration''' > '''Change Password'''.
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The password of an IP Station can be changed by:


Web Password

The Web Password is the password you need to use in the web browser of your PC to get access to the web interface of an IP station.

  • User: The default username admin can be changed here
  • Old Password: Enter the old password for security. Default is alphaadmin
  • New Password: Enter a new password
  • Confirm New Password: The new password must be confirmed to avoid misprint

Password can only contain numbers and letters, no other symbols allowed.

A factory reset will reset to default password.

In INCA stations with software version 01.06 and earlier the default username was ADMIN and the password was alphacom.

Offline Password

This setting is available for INCA Stations only. The Offline password is dialed on the station keypad to get access to the display setup menus. Default password is 1851.

In INCA stations with software version 01.06 and earlier the offline password was 1234.