Read own mail from remote feature

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Feature: Read mail on own station
Default directory number: 51 - during conversation
Feature number: 15
Parameter 1: 0 (N/A)
Description: Remotely read voice messages left at your station. Dial your own directory number followed by 51.

As from AMC 10.50 mails can also be remotley deleted. Dial directory number + 51 + 0 to delete the mail remotely. If there are multiple mails in the queue, digit 0 must be pressed several times to empty the queue. This feature can be very useful when for instance Call Back mails accidentely have been left on stations without keypad (e.g. substations or PA interfaces), causing an annoying feature reminder bleep tone every minute.

An ASVP board or ASVP Software Module is required for the voice message sevices.

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