Station Fault (Event Type)

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Event description

Event Owner: Station reporting the fault.
Event type: 43 - Station Fault Report
Subevent: Fault type, see list below
When change to ON: When fault is active.
When change to OFF: When fault is gone
When related to: Fault description text returned in %2.nam

If Subevent is set to 255, all fault types will be reported. One can use %sev to read the subevent number.

Fault types

Subevent Fault Text returned from %2.nam
0 Any amplifier fault Gen Fault
1 Any fault, Channel 1 CH1 Fault
2 Any fault, Channel 2 CH2 Fault
3 LET fault, Channel 1 CH1 Let Fault
4 LET fault, Channel 2 CH2 Let Fault
5 Amplifier shutdown, Channel 1 CH1 Amp shutdown
6 Amplifier shutdown, Channel 2 CH2 Amp shutdown
7 SLM faults, Channel 1 CH1
8 SLM faults, Channel 2 CH2
9 Over temperature, Channel 1 CH1 Temp alarm
10 Over temperature, Channel 2 CH2 Temp alarm
11 Cooling fan fault Fan fault
12 Eth1 fault ETH1 fault
13 Eth2 fault ETH2 fault
14 Software fault Software fault
15 AC power fault AC fault
16 DC power fault DC fault
17 EMBDR-8 missing EMBDR fault
18 MIC fault MIC fault
19 RCO Fault RCO fault
20 RCI Fault RCI fault


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