APC - AlphaCom Program & Clock Board

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  • Circuitry for 6 audio program feed channels with adjustable sensitivity (gain)
  • 6 alarm inputs
  • Reset button in front
  • Power connector (6-pin socket source) for hot plug-in cable
  • System master clock
  • Fan control


The APC board is used in the AlphaCom XE20 and XE26 servers. The board plugs into board position 26

OBS icon
  • Turn power off before inserting or removing the APC board

APC board, connection and adjustment

The APC board has in front:

  • An RJ11 plug used for hot plug-in of other feature boards
  • A reset button. When pressed, the server will reboot. No configuration will be lost, but any active calls will be terminated.
  • 6 potensiometers for adjusting the input level of the 6 Audio Program inputs

APC Connection Kit - 1009503000

The APC Connection Kit is required to access the 6 remote control inputs and 6 audio program inputs of the APC. The kit consists of APC filter card and APC connection board.

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