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This article described how a Turbine station in ICX-AlphaCom mode can be configured to play a custom media (WAV) file when the connection to the ICX-AlphaCom server is lost.

An audio message can be played:

  • When the station goes offline
  • If the Call Button (or an input) is activated while the station is offline
  • When the station goes online

Software and hardware requirements


  1. Audio file for upload needs to be WAV file format, PCM 16 bit, 16 kHz and single channel (Mono)
  2. Total messages file size 20 MB
  3. A filename can have max 50 characters
  4. Any number of audio files can be uploaded, as long as the total file size is below 20 MB

Uploading audio files

  • Log into the IP Station
  • Select Advanced ICX-AlphaCom > Audio Messages.
  • Browse to the desired audio file, and press Upload. The file will now appear in the list of audio files. The web interface shows you how much space there is left of the total of 20 MB. It is possible to delete audio files from the web interface to free up space.
  • You can now Choose Message to play, and what Event should trigger the message. There are three events:
    • Station Offline: The message is played the moment the station looses connection to the ICX-AlphaCom
    • Call Setup Failed: The message is played if the Call Button (or an input) is activated while the station is offline
    • Station Online: The message is played the moment the station gets registered to the ICX-AlphaCom
  • In the Options field you choose if the message should play One Time, or if it should Repeat with predefined interval.
Audio Messages page

In the configuration example above, the audio file "OutOfService.wav" will be played every minute when the station has lost connection to the ICX-AlphaCom server. If the Call Button is pressed, the file "Go_To_Information_Desk.wav" will be played. When the station comes back online and gets registered, the audio file "Operational.wav" will be played once.

Note icon If the station is configured to play a message when "Call Setup Failed", it will not speak its own IP address when the call button is pressed when the station is offline