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From the Audio Program menu you can modify the properties of the Audio Program Distribution. See also main article: Audio Program

Audio Program Settings tab

Select the Audio Programs button to open the Audio program window

  • Program Number: The Audio Program number, 1-70
  • Description: The name you enter here is displayed in the listbox to the left. Note that this text is not transferred to the AlphaCom server. It is stored locally on the PC only.
  • Program over Conversation:
    • Disabled (default): The audio program is muted during conversation
    • Enabled: The audio program is mixed with the conversation audio
  • Volume/Handset override:
    • Disabled (default): The audio program will be played with regular volume
    • Enabled: Activate the Volume and Handset override function when the audio program is remotely set up to a group of stations.

General Settings tab

Audio Program Step sequences: A station can step through a sequence of audio programs by pressing a DAK key (e.g. "Music") which is dialling the Program Step feature (Default 790). See Audio Program Step sequences

Default settings:

  • Sequence 1 - 6 first programs (801-806)
  • Sequence 2 - 3 first programs (801-803)

One can configure which audio programs to include in each of the two sequences available.

Audio Program feed in master: This flag is related to the MultiModule system. When the flag is disabled, the Audio Program source must be connected to each individual module. When the flag is enabled, the Audio Program source is connected to the master module only. The audio program is distributed to the slave modules via the MultiModule link. Exchange reset is required after changing this flag.

Directory Number and Display Text

Default directory numbers are 801 - 806 for audio program 1 - 6. For audio program off: 800.

Modifying or adding Directory Numbers and Display Text for the audio programs are done from the Directory & Features window. Audio Program is feature number 5.

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