Button and LED configuration for customized stations (SIP)

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From the station web interface it is possible to configure DAK actions and LED behavior when building customized stations based on Turbine front-boards.

Software and hardware requirements

  • Button and LED configuration is supported in Turbine intercoms, running firmware or newer.
  • The Product Model must be set to TCIS-1/2/3 or TCIV-1/2/3.
  • The station must be in Pulse, IC-Edge or SIP mode.


Frontboard mapping

Physical button:

  • There are 11 physical buttons A-K.
  • Each button can be mapped to DAK 1-8, or M- or C-key.

LED behavior:

  • LED behavior can be controlled for following call actions/states:
    • Call established
    • Call outgoing ringing
    • Call incoming ringing
  • Background LED in IDLE for all configured buttons option if enabled will lit the LED in "background mode" (i.e. dimmed LED) for all configured physical buttons with specific DAK key, when the station is in IDLE. This option can be used to make buttons more visible, especially in low-light conditions. Default = enabled
  • LED control based on the DAK key call destination option will lit the LED of the specific DAK if there is an incoming call from a destination that is defined as Directory Number for a specific DAK call action (under DAK settings). Default = enabled