Configure 3rd party SIP devices (Edge)

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Up to 10 3rd party SIP devices, such as SIP phones, SIP Speakers, Soft Phones etc., can be registered to an IC-EDGE System. Each SIP device requires that a SIP User account is defined on the Edge Controller.


For each SIP device used on the system, there must be a valid 3rd party SIP telephone license installed.

To insert a license:

License for 4 SIP devices installed

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  • From factory there is a 60-day free license period during which SIP devices can be used without the need of any license.
  • When the free license period expires there must be a valid license installed, if not the SIP device will cease to operate

Create a SIP Account

To add a new SIP account:

  • From Edge Controller > System Configuration > Directory, under the Manually Added Devices section, press the "+" button
  • Select 3rd party SIP from the dropdown list
  • Modify Number and Name as required (a default Number and Name will be inserted, which you can modify)
  • Optionally one can add a SIP Password. If a password is entered, one have to also manually configure the same password in the SIP device it self. The password is used for the registration proccess.
  • Press Save to store the new device in the Edge Controller
Adding SIP device to the Edge System

Configuration of the SIP device

Log into the 3rd-party SIP device and configure the device to register to the SIP account created on the Edge Controller.

The minimum configuration of the SIP device is (note that the same parameter might have different name in differet brands):

  • Account Name/Label: Any descriptive text
  • SIP Server/Registrar/Domain: The IP Address of the Edge Controller
  • SIP User ID/User Name/SIP Account: Same as the Number entered in the Edge Controller
  • SIP Authentication ID/Register Name: Often the same as the "SIP User ID"
  • SIP Authentication Password/Password: Same as the SIP Password entered in the Edge Controller
  • Name/Display Name: The Caller ID when placing a call

Verify operation

On the Edge Controller, go to Edge Controller > System Overview, and check that the SIP Device has gotten the Status = Registered.

SIP device successfully registered to the Edge System

Verify that you can call to and from the SIP Device.