Licensing in IC-EDGE

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Some devices used in the IC-EDGE System requires that a software license is installed. The license key is linked to the MAC address of the Edge Controller. The following devices require a license:

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  • From factory there is a 60-day free license period during which all devices can be used without the need of any license.
  • When the free license period expires there must be a valid license installed, if not the licensed device will cease to operate

Available licenses

The following licenses are available:

License Item Number Comments
Intercom Extension 1009661001 License for additional Vingtor-Stentofon devices beyond 32. One license per device. Note that the first 32 devices do not require any license
SIP Client Extension 1009661201 License for 3rd party SIP telephone. One license per phone. Max 10 SIP phones
Telephone Gateway 1009662001 License for GSM telephone gateway and Analog telephone gateway. One license per gateway

Obtaining a license

Zenitel generates a ‘License Activation Code’ (LAC) which can be regarded as the actual article. In order for Zenitel to be able to generate the actual License Key, the License Activation Code must be registered at Zenitel together with the MAC-address of the IC-Edge Controller for which the license is intended.

Registration can be done by reporting the MAC-address and LAC in an e-mail to More than one LAC can be listed on the registration form. All listed License Activation Codes together with the MAC address will be used to generate a single License Key which will enable all licensed functions.

The License Key will be shipped to the customer’s e-mail address. As the License key is rather complex, it should be inserted using the copy/paste function.

Installing a license

To insert a license:

  • Obtain the license key from your local supplier
  • Log on to the Edge Controller
  • Select Edge Controller > Licensing
  • In the New License field enter a valid license code, then Activate License
Edge SIP Licenses.png
License for 4 SIP devices installed