Door Opening using Dummy Number (Event Handler)

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Some gates are not equipped with door stations, but the operator should use the same Door opening procedure to open the door.


When the operator gets a signal that there is someone at the door he should dial a 'dummy' number, then press digit 6 to operate a relay output (i.e. a RCO). In the example below any station can dial 9545 + 6 to trigger RCO 4 for 2 seconds, and disconnect with success-tone. Use the two-step event trigger, feature 105.


In AlphaPro, Directory & Features, press "Insert" to create a directory number, feature 105, for each door. Directory number 9545 is included by default.
In AlphaPro, go to Exchange and System -> Events, press Insert and create the following event:

Event Handler configuration

Action commands:

RCO 4 ON 20
$DISCON_ST L%1.dir U2

Subevent 6:                   Digit 6
When Change to ON:            When the digit is pressed (not released)
RCO 4 ON 20:                  Pulse RCO 4 for 2.0 seconds
$DISCON_ST L%1.dir U2:        Disconnect the station with successtone