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GM (GROUP_MSG) 0x00A6 166 AMC 11.00
$GM L84 L8191
$GM L85 L8193 U1 U0 U0
$GM L9001 L8192 U10 U0 U0
$GM NG1 N!4 U3 U2 U0
To All Call (84), activate alarm message 1 (8191), no repetitions and use group gong and priority
To Group 2 (85), activate alarm message 3 (8193), no repetitions and no gong
To Global Group 9001, activate alarm message 2 (8192), 10 repetitions and no gong
To Group 1 (84), activate alarm message 4 (8194), 3 repetitions, use gong type 2 (dong-ding)
GROUP_MSG sets up a local or global group call with source prerecorded message. To stop message playback use GROUP_MSG_STOP

30 messages can be queued and is sorted on priority. Messages are removed from queue after playback or by using GROUP_MSG_STOP

Destination local or global group
Initiator station or Announcement message for playback in group.
Note: Software AMC is required to support the N!x parameters above 9. Earlier versions work for announcement message 1-9 only (N!1 - N!9).
Prerecorded Message repetitions 0-255. 0 or unspecified means 1 repetition. 255 means repeat indefinitely (use GROUP_MSG_STOP to stop). (If PA bitmap defined, this parameter is overrun by the PA bitmap definition)
Gong type. 0 = no gong. 255 or unspecified = use gong type of group.
Group call priority, default 0 = use priority of group call.
1 = Low, 2 = Medium, 3 = High, 4 = Alarm. "Alarm" priority will activate Volume and Handset Override
(optional 11.3)
Station allocation priority
1 = Low, 2 = Medium, 3 = High, 4 = Alarm. The initiator station will anyhow be forced to allocation but this priority will be used to block other functions trying to snatch/override the station during the group call.
(optional 11.3)
Group Call bitmap as used in the PA features parameters are shown below.
(optional 11.3)
Announcement used when including initiator station. Useful in combination with PA bitmap.
Response none

PA Control Bitmap

Param2 is used as a control bitmap. Also used in Param1 of PA activation, multi-step.

BitNo Weight Value Name Description Recall Prestored
0 1 GoGroupCall 0 After the SVP message playback ends the group is disconnected and the initiator station goes back to idle (if not bit 4:1)(default). Y Y
1 After the SVP message playback ends, the group and initiator station proceed to normal Group Call mode. (Use M-key and talk into the group, VP timer will start for use as group call "meet me" reply time out. Can be used for replacing the Gong with a custom SVP message for normal groupcall.) This function will not work in combination with LoopEndless(6)
1 2 DiscPlayback 0 Initiator Station is allowed to disconnect during message playback without stopping the message to the group.(default). Y Y

If initiator station disconnect during the playout to group, the message is terminated immediately

2 4 MeetMe 0 "Meet me" (99) is not working and will not affect the SVP message or initiator station during SVP play (default). (If BIT0:1 "meet me" can be used after svp play finished) Y Y
1 "Meet me" during SVP play will disconnect the SVP message and establish connection to initiator. If initiator is disconnected due to AutoDisconnect(3) or CHookDispatch(5) "Meet me" will not work.
3 8 AutoDisconnect 0 Initiator station listen to the SVP message together with the rest of the group (Default). Y Y
1 Initiator station disconnect automatic before gong and SVP message start to play. For Recall it means that 8 dispatches the message, while the initiator is disconnected. ( No "meet me" function, group access level is not checked, event handler "conversation outgoing" is related to station 1. Same behaviour as $GROUP_MSG.)
4 16 reserved 0 Y
5 32 CHookDispatch 0 C key or On Hook cancel ReCall setup (Default) Y
1 C key or On Hook dispatch the ReCall message (No "Meet me" function)
6 64 LoopEndless 0 SVP message play once (Default) Y
1 Only if DiscPlayback = 1: SVP message is endless repeated
7 128 NoGong 0 Use default group gong (Default) Y Y
1 No gong
8 256 GlobalGroup 0 Local Group call Y Y
1 Global Group call
9 512 AutoM 0 Manuel M-key use Y
1 Auto M-key, Use in combination with CHookDispatch=1. (implemented May be used alone from SIP or telephone: Pres # to end recording, 8 to dispatch.
10 1024 MPlayCntr 0 Standard message playback Y Y
1 The message is played back while M-key is pressed, M release will stop playback, new M-pres will restart message.
11 2048 MultiGroup 0 Standard multi step feature Y Y
1 Allow multiple groups to be selected

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