PA activation, multi-step

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Feature: ReCall and Pre stored PA activation, with multi step dialing of parameters. For the one-step dialling variant: see PA activation, one-step
Default directory number: 765
Feature number: 112
Parameter 1: (Default 0) See PA activation, one-step#PA control bitmap

Parameter 2: (Default 0) Priority of group call,
0 = use priority from group.
1 = Low
2 = Medium
3 = High
4 = Alarm (Volume override)
Parameter 3: (Default 255) Gong type of group call,
0 = No gong
1 = Ding Dong
2 = Dong Ding
3 = Repeat gong
4 = Custom gong
255 = use gong type from group.

Dispatch message as a Group Call to global or local group. The dispatched message can either be a pre-Stored Voice Message or a message recorded live (Recall).


  • 765 + <destination group> + <source-message>
<destination group> can be Group call feature or Global Group Call feature
<source-message> can be Voice Alarm Message or Stored Voice Message Feature
<source-message> can also be replaced with M-pres to record the message for recall PA


  • 765 + 87 + 8191 to start SVP message 8191 to group 87.
  • 765 + 87 + M key to record the message to send to group 87 (recall).

This feature can also be used for custom "Wav" gong in group calls: Setting param1 with bit0:1 for entering VP after SVP play and setting gong type = 0 (no gong).

Autoloaded directory numbers

Dirno DisplayText Feature Parm1 Parm2 Parm3 Description
765 MsgToGroup 112 0 0 255 Remote setup of message or ReCall to group (same behaviour as AlarmToGroup (761) and ProgToGroup (75))

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Event reporting


For Recall, Conversation-Outgoing is reported ON when entering recording-mode. For both Recall and Prestored PA, Conversation Outgoing is reported OFF when message playback to group is finished.

Related-to is the group number.

Voice Paging (Event Type)

Is reported during playback to group of the message, both for recall and prestored messages.