Stored Voice Message Feature

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Feature: Stored Voice Message
Default directory number: 8180, 8181, 8182
Feature number: 111
Parameter 1: Message Group
Parameter 2: Message individ
Description: Feature to select, listen to, or record a Stored Voice Message.
  • When the directory number dialled from idle the message is played to the user.
  • Users having privilege can use M-key to record a new message to replace the original one.

The feature can be used in combination with PA activation, multi-step to select a Stored Voice Message for playback to group.

Autoloaded directory numbers

Dirno DisplayText Feature Parm1 Parm2 Parm3 Description
8180 MsgRecord 111 0 0 0

Station recording feature. After 8180, dial message number to record.

8181 MenuMsg1 111 11 1 0 Customer voice menu message 1
8182 MenuMsg2 111 11 2 0 Customer voice menu message 2

Message selection

When dialing feature 111 from Idle, there are two possibilities:

  • The message is already specified in parameter 1 and 2 of the directory number. This is the case for auto loaded numbers 8181, 8182.
  • Two-step selection: Parameter 1 is zero. Then you can dial a directory number to select the message (to record). This is the case for auto loaded number 8180. See following table.
Dirno dialled Feature Message seleceted
8180+ 8191-8199 Voice Alarm Messages Message Group 30 + param 1
8180+ 9550 Auto Attendant Message Group 11 + param 2
8180+ 623 Send Call Request Feature Message Group 10 + individ 47 ("Your call is registered")
8180+ 70 Stationreset feature Message Group 10 + individ 42 ("No messages")
8180+ 660-669 Mail Messages Message Group 110 + param 1
8180+ 770-779 Absence Messages Message Group 100 + param 1

Message recording

If the station has the Message Record Feature in its Class of service, it is possible to record the selected message from the station. It is recommended to use a station with handset to get the best result. The recorded message is an Easy Message.

Dial 8180 + directory number (e.g. 8191), then:

  • M-press recording start. (Each M-press starts a new recording)
  • M-release recording ends, recorded message is played back
  • 7 Listen once more to the message.
  • 8 Store message
  • C key, disconnect without storing message.

The Station Recorded message will mask any existing message in the ASVP system or Web loaded message.

If the selected message is already a Station Recorded message, you will have to delete the Station Recorded message, before you can record a new version of the message.

Dial 8180 + directory number (e.g. 8191), then:

  • 0 + M-press: delete Station Recorded message.
  • Follow the procedure above to record a new message, or press C key to terminate without a new recording.

Deleting the Station Recorded message will unmask any ASVP message or Web loaded message.

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