INCA 2.11 - Release Notes

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Previous Release - INCA 2.9 - Release Notes

This document provides the release notes for INCA 2.11 with incremental bug fix releases. The release notes for INCA 2.11 describe new features, improvements and issues fixed after INCA 2.9.

Release info

Description: VSF-INCA is a firmware archive for all INCA Family Intercom stations including devices: IP Desktop Master Station, IP Flush Master Station, IP Substation, IP Dual Display, IP-ARIO and IP Video Desktop Station.


Date: 25.03.2021
Status: General Availability

Note icon Release notes for Video module component in IP Desktop Station with Video Display (1408001635) can be found in separate document on Zenitel Wiki page IP Desktop with Video Display - Release Notes


New Features - INCA Intercom

MTN-2693 Added call monitoring options

In SIP mode it is possible to configure SIP OPTIONS timer to monitor established calls. If the remote part in a call is unavailable, the call will automatically be hung up. This option is available in advanced configuration mode.

Changed registration handling

The minimum registration time is now 30 seconds. If registration time is configured to be below 60 seconds the registration will fail 15 seconds after initial registration message when the SIP server is not responding.

When station fails to register to a SIP server associated calls which are ringing or queued will now be automatically hung up.

Fixed Issues

MTN-2823 Call is now terminated in exactly 40 seconds if other party is unavailable.

Before, detection period using the SIP OPTIONS, of other device going offline was random and up to several minutes based on device MAC.

MTN-2759 Missing pages in station web for ICX-Alphacom mode

Web configuration pages

  • Backup and restore
  • Logging

are now visible in ICX-Alphacom mode again.

MTN-2630 Added more microphone sensitvity levels

Can now use higher microphone sensitivty on INCA IP Desktop and IP Flush master


New Features - INCA Intercom

PHIX-81 Dual display DAK text is updated without need for reboot

PHIX-120 New default view for Edge and SIP mode

The default view on the web interface for Edge is now more similar to the Edge controller. For devices in SIP mode, the web interface has also been simplified some.
User is able to switch to old, advanced, view on Recovery tab under Main settings.

PHIX-142 IP Telephony Service now available for Edge

The IP Telephony Service allow calls from an IC-EDGE site to public telephones without need to use additional hardware such as MP-114 gateways. IC-Edge connects to a SIP trunk provider which has access to telephony calls.

  • Max number of concurrent calls: 2

MTN-1301 Busy Override would fail when remote party is busy

Busy override should now be possible if remote part has dialed digits, is offhook or in emergency group call.

MTN-1978 It is now possible to call multiple cell phones in sequential ringlists

This is possible by adding pause parameter in seconds on ringlist entry. Eg. 91523524:pause=5.

MTN-2454 Send Text option is possible to select other receiver

Optimized gui for better intuitivity.

MTN-2530 Removed C-key enabling of Private/Open mode in SIP/Edge mode

C-key enabling of private/open mode has been removed. IP Flush master and IP Desktop master can do this in the menu.

MTN-2657 Firewall range for RTP is increased

Firewall for RTP is increased to UDP ports 61000-62000 to support new AlphaCom audio handling

MTN-2752 Relay did not work

This has been fixed.

Known Issues

MTN-2360 Client side forwarding does not work in SIP mode

Client side forwarding, which can be configured as a DAK action or activated from INCA display menu, does not work in SIP mode. Workaround is to use SIP server side forwarding.

MTN-2357 IP Desktop Video Station can't receive video from TCIV if HTTP basic authentication for HTTP MJPEG is enabled

IP Desktop Video Station can't receive video from TCIV if HTTP basic authentication is enabled on TCIV station. This does not affect TCIV stations running on or earlier.
Workaround is to disable HTTP basic authentication for HTTP MJPEG.

MTN-1052 PTT does not work between Gateway and INCA station

Make a call between Inca and Gateway. Pressing * and # on mobile phone configured on Gateway does not effect conversation direction on INCA.
If call is made between Turbine and Gateway, PTT works as expected.

MTN-883 IP Flush (Pulse) shows error 484 when dialing and pressing C

When start to dial a number and then hit C, error message 484 is shown on the display. The fault appears in Pulse server mode and Pulse client mode.

MTN-817 IP Video Desktop does not indicate private/open mode

There is no user feedback when changing between open/private mode with C-key, and no indication of what mode the station is currently in.

MTN-482 Transfer function doesn't work with Cisco CCM

When the station is used in SIP mode, connected to a Cisco Call manager (version: the permanent call transfer function does not work. When calling the station, we hear a Cisco Call manager message saying that this number is unreachable. In the Cisco station settings the transfer is not activated.