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This document provides the release notes for INCA 2.5 with incremental bug fix releases. The release notes for INCA 2.5 describe new features, improvements and issues fixed after INCA 2.3.



Release info

Description: VSF-INCA is a firmware archive for all INCA based Intercom stations including devices: IP Desktop Master Station, IP Substation, IP Vandal Resistant Station, IPARIO and IP Dual Display Station.
The firmware is delivered in two different ZIP archives:

  • A100G80200.02_05_X_X - Used for standard INCA IP Intercom devices
  • A100G802D0.02_05_X_X - Used for IP Dual Display Station

Date: 12.11.2016
Status: General Available
Download: Link to download
Note: Release notes for the Video module component in IP Desktop Station with Video Display (1408001635) can be found in separate document on Vingtor-Stentofon AlphaWiki page IP Desktop with Video Display - Release Notes

New Features

UNI-1081 Improved PTT support

UNI-1410 INCA G729 support

UNI-1411 IP Station now indicates the number of devices in queue

UNI-1412 IP Station support Top-Down and CISCO registration modes

UNI-1413 SIP Station configurable timeouts

UNI-1414 IP Station configurable en bloc dialing timeout

UNI-1415 SIP station now supports answer mode header

UNI-1424 IP ARIO LED handling

UNI-1430 Configurable option to restart the IP station if it hasn't registered in the timeout period

Bugfixes and Improvements

MTN-829 IP Desktop Station with Video Display freezes during MJPEG stream from TCIV

Issue resolved in Video display firmware v2.4

MTN-992 XML backup file compatibility issues

Uploading XML settings through web interface is now handled like factory upgrade - settings are kept between different versions

MTN-993 Station reboots if sip auth realm is empty during authentication

This has been fixed.

MTN-1004 802.1X not working on INCA

This is fixed.

MTN-1021 Webcall page causes memory leak

When using the webcall page there was a memory leak causing the station to be slower and slower. This if fixed

MTN-1033 Cancel configuration in INCA does not have effect

In Pulse Server. cancelling after clicking the apply button was not possible. This is now fixed

MTN-1034 Performing backup with older XML version does not work correctly

INCA will now handle uploading different versions of XML file when using StationWeb Restore function

MTN-1059 Auto-provisioning using ipst_config.cfg failed on INCA

This is fixed.

MTN-915 No group call ding-dong audio on INCA station

Ding-dong sound should work for group calls when station connected to Pulse server with any SW version or type (Turbine/INCA)

Bugfixes and Improvements

MTN-876 SNMP traps IP-Station Started and Registration Successful

SNMP trap for station started is now sent on station startup and for registration successful on each successful registration (or re-registration) to server

MTN-864 The network traffic on INCA may in some cases stop working

The DMA for receiving packets in INCA may hangup completely due to an error in the INCA chip. When the error occurs the station will keep sending packets, but it will not process any incoming packets. Load balancing of the DMA has been implemented to avoid the situation where the DMA may hang.

UNI-1496 INCA configuration lost when upgrading from to

When upgrading INCA from to in some configuration scenarios station settings are lost after upgrade. This is fixed now and settings should be kept.

Bugfixes and Improvements

MTN-89 Station profile "Substation" is not allowed to call specific station types

This improvement enables the station profile "Substation" to call all station types.

MTN-190 Relay activation using RFC-2833 doesn't work

This fixes the relay activation using RFC-2833

MTN-221 Missing audio after answering a Group Call

Fixed a case where the IP station is listening to an Audio Program and enters a group call, the RTP stream was not established correctly.

MTN-305 Permanent audio stream is affected by call states

Permanent audio stream will remain active even when the IP Station changes call states

MTN-319 Ringlist flag "Call until answered" has an limited number of retries

The IP Station will loop over the ringlist until a call is answered a finite number of times.

MTN-321 Lamp test not working on CRM-V

Fixed an issue where the LAMP test code was not working on the CRM-V station.

MTN-335 802.1X date issues

This fixes the 802.1X date issue.

MTN-545 Upgrade security software on the INCA IP stations

OpenSSL upgraded to version 1.0.1p. This fixes numerous security issues that were reported by security scanning software.

MTN-558 IP Desktop Master station doesn't send SIP INVITE after a programmable timeout

This fixes an issue where the IP Desktop Master wouldn't send a SIP INVITE after a programmable timeout while dialing a number.

MTN-647 Faulty SNMP button hanging status code

The SNMP button hanging status code is fixed. The SNMP status will indicate 1 on button hanging and 0 on release.

MTN-750 Use the IP Stations local tones instead of the ones generated by Alphacom

Fixed volume levels of local generated tones for the INCA stations

MTN-754 The IP Flush master LED intensity is to high

This fixes an issue where the IP Flush master DAK LEDs where damaged due to very high intensity.

MTN-786 User interface false positive error report on the IP Video Desktop Station

The station would report an unregistered error even though it is registered to the SIP server.

MTN-787 The Volume Indicator would pop up on the IP Video Display Station on handset state changes

Both in SIP and Alphacom mode the Volume Indicator would appear on the IP Video Display Station on each handset state change.

MTN-788 IP Desktop Station with Video Display video feed disconnect issue

Fixed an issue where the video feed would stop on the Video Display after 90 seconds of streaming video.

MTN-789 The Video Desktop Station display was not refreshed on device reboot

The station display is now refreshed properly on each station reboot and configuration change.

MTN-796 Fixed handling of Umlaut characters on the IP Station web

The IP Station web didn't handle the umlaut characters correctly. This is now fixed.

MTN-818 Video feed should start on ringing

Video feed now behaves the same way in SIP mode as in AlphaCom mode and pops up when the ringing starts.

MTN-828 IP Video Display Station refreshes the entire display on page change

Fixed a bug where the IP Video Display Station would refresh the entire display on each page change.

MTN-832 Setup the RTP Sequence number and SSRC according to the RFC-3350

Previously the INCA based IP Station's locally generated RTP streams would always have a 0 SSRC identifier. This is fixed and the SSRC is being randomized as well as the starting Sequence number according to the RFC-3350.

MTN-834 IP Station display shows wrong IP address

This fixes a case where the IP Station display would indicate a localhost IP address instead of the correct IP address of the device.

MTN-841 Fixed an XML parsing bug that happened during Auto-provisioning

The bug fixes a case where an IP station with Auto-provisioning enabled would constantly reload and reboot the configuration from the server due to faulty parsing.

MTN-851 Fixed a bug in AlphaCom mode where ending program distribution and starting a new call

with different codec caused sound to be muted Fixed a bug in AlphaCom mode where ending program distribution and starting a new call with different codec caused sound to be muted

UNI-523 Fixed IP Desktop Station Group Call volume issue

When creating a Group Call from a IP Desktop Station the volume of the first announcement (first M-key press) was too low.

UNI-1320 Apply correct volume setting on the INCA station through the Station Web

The correct volume settings are applied after setting the speaker volume on the station web page.

UNI-1343 Pulse M-key press/release default DTMFs

The M-key press sends a * DTMF while the release sends a # DTMF

UNI-1416 IP Station in Alphacom mode - Several audio channels active at the same time

This fixes the issue where there were several audio channels active on the IP Station and by canceling one channel, the IP Station would stop playback of all the other channels as well.

UNI-1417 Group call audio missing if the M-key was pressed before the call was set up

This fixes an issue where the group call audio wouldn't be generated if the M-key was pressed before the call was set up

UNI-1418 IP Station update OpenSSL

OpenSSL upgraded to version 1.0.1p which should resolve all known vulnerability issues

UNI-1420 Fixed IP Heavy Duty handset tone

Fixed IP Heavy Duty handset tone handling

UNI-1421 Fixed a bug regarding SIP station and Toshiba server compatibility

Toshiba would behave strangely when receiving 100 Trying on other requests than INVITE, thus 100 Trying was removed.

UNI-1422 Fixed a bug where the station would be stuck in AlphaCom mode if production failed to clear the factory flag

In some cases the customers have identified IP Stations that were terminally stuck in AlphaCom mode due to a factory programming fault.

UNI-1423 Fixed a bug where echo cancellation would be disabled after group call

Fixed a bug where echo cancellation would be disabled after group call on the IP Station

UNI-1425 IP Dual Display Station fixed a bug with Hebrew letters

Fixed a bug where the IP Dual Display couldn't render Hebrew letters

UNI-1426 IP Station fixed IGMPv2 and IGMPv3 handling according to the RFC 2236 and 3376

In the IP Station kernel version 2.4 the IGMPv2 and IGMPv3 handling was broken. The handling was fixed according to the RFC 2236 and 3376.

UNI-1427 Fixed chopping of audio signal in a call between a Turbine station in a noisy environment and an INCA station

Due to no jitter buffer write retries the audio signal on the IP Station would get severely distorted while communicating with another IP Station that is placed in a noisy environment.

UNI-1428 Fixed a bug with IP Dual Display DAK text

Changing the DAK text label updates the display correctly as of now.

UNI-1429 IP Station fixed SNMP up time

Fixed SNMP up time information - the NTP client is started before the SNMP agent so the SNMP up time information is correct.

Known issues

VSIS-149 Upgrading INCA stations might fail in some very rare cases

In case station is not upgraded, simply run upgrade on failed stations again. In more severe cases, restarting station to factory defaults is necessary to make upgrade possible.

MTN-1112 Image upgrade does not work with 802.1x authentication enabled in switch

In order to upgrade the station, one must either:

  • Remove security on the switch-port, upgrade and set security back on the switch port.
  • Un-mount the station, connect it to a non-802.1x port and do a manual upgrade.
The reason for this is that during upgrade of the IP-station, 802.1X will not be running after first Ethernet link down/up and image download start.

MTN-1052 PTT does not work between Gateway and INCA station

Make a call between Inca and Gateway. Pressing * and # on mobile phone configured on Gateway does not effect conversation direction on INCA. If call is made between Turbine and Gateway, PTT works as expected.

MTN-1048 Send text action does not display text on INCA display

When using control input on Turbine in call to send text, text is not displayed on INCA display. It is shown in INCA log as received.

MTN-883 IP Flush (Pulse) shows error 484 when dialing and pressing C

When start to dial a number and then hit C, error message 484 is shown on the display. The fault appears in Pulse server mode and Pulse client mode.

MTN-817 IP Video Desktop does not indicate private/open mode

There is no user feedback when changing between open/private mode with C-key, and no indication of what mode the station is currently in.

MTN-800 Call request on IP Video Desktop has bad display text layout

When using the navigation keys available under the LCD during Call request, it will result in bad text layout and alignment.

MTN-757 Inca station reboots on call transfer to an non-existing CUCM extension

When attempting call transfer to an extension the CUCM can not find or is not allowed to transfer to, the Inca station reboots.

MTN-645 IP DualDisplay does not properly refresh DAK display when DAK key deleted in AlphaPro

For right hand keys the text is replaced with "......." dots, while left hand keys are replaced with empty space.In addition, when adding or removing DAK keys all other DAK's are temporarily blanked and shall come back when display is refreshed

MTN-598 INCA station fails to register if Hebrew name is too long

More than 12 characters entered causes registration problems

MTN-552 PULSE: (Re)Registration of SIP phones takes a long time

Long (re)registration times observed on Divus SIP client and SNOM phone. If the same SIP phone is registered against AlphaCom the process is almost instantaneous.

MTN-483 Relay set in Idle will not be processed after station reconnect

Relay set to turn on in idle and turn off when call connects. If the server is rebooted, the stations will reconnect, but the relay status will not be processed

MTN-482 SIP: Transfer function doesn't work with Cisco CCM

When the station is used in SIP mode, connected to a Cisco Call manager (version: the permanent call transfer function does not work. When calling the station, we hear a Cisco Call manager message saying that this number is unreachable. In the Cisco station settings the transfer is not activated.

MTN-394 INCA Station does not receive group call audio while speaking into a Simplex Conference

INCA IP Station does not receive group call audio while speaking (M-key pressed) into a Simplex Conference, or if it is a Default Speaker of a SX conference.

MTN-268 Relay follow M-key cannot handle quick M

Relay configured to follow M-key does not handle quick press on M-key