INCA 2.8 - Release Notes

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Release info

Description: VSF-INCA is a firmware archive for all INCA based Intercom stations including devices: IP Desktop Master Station, IP Substation, IP Vandal Resistant Station, IPARIO and IP Dual Display Station.
The firmware is delivered in two different ZIP archives:

  • A100G80200.02_08_X_X - Used for standard INCA IP Intercom devices
  • A100G802D0.02_08_X_X - Used for IP Dual Display Station

Date: 22.02.2019
Status: General Availability (GA)
Note: Release notes for the Video module component in IP Desktop Station with Video Display (1408001635) can be found in separate document on Vingtor-Stentofon AlphaWiki page IP Desktop with Video Display - Release Notes


Bugfixes and Improvements

MTN-2289 Two gong signals applied instead of one for group calls in Pulse mode

This has now been fixed.

Known Issues

MTN-1052 PTT does not work between Gateway and INCA station

Make a call between Inca and Gateway. Pressing * and # on mobile phone configured on Gateway does not effect conversation direction on INCA. If call is made between Turbine and Gateway, PTT works as expected.

MTN-883 IP Flush (Pulse) shows error 484 when dialing and pressing C

When start to dial a number and then hit C, error message 484 is shown on the display. The fault appears in Pulse server mode and Pulse client mode.

MTN-817 IP Video Desktop does not indicate private/open mode

There is no user feedback when changing between open/private mode with C-key, and no indication of what mode the station is currently in.

MTN-482 Transfer function doesn't work with Cisco CCM

When the station is used in SIP mode, connected to a Cisco Call manager (version: the permanent call transfer function does not work. When calling the station, we hear a Cisco Call manager message saying that this number is unreachable. In the Cisco station settings the transfer is not activated.

MTN-598 IP station fails to register if Hebrew name is too long

More than 12 characters entered causes registration problems

MTN-268 Relay follow M-key cannot handle quick M

Relay configured to follow M-key does not handle quick press on M-key


New Features

MTN-1213 In-call automatic failover to redundant SIP server

Improvements were done for parallel registration mode with backup SIP domains resulting in automatic and almost instant in-call failover to a backup SIP server. If the station is registered to multiple servers it will try the next server automatically if the call setup fails. If the station fails to register to all available SIP servers, it can be configured with registration retry "burst mode" interval so it gets connected immediately to a first available server.


Bugfixes and Improvements

MTN-2044 Wrong volume applied on boot in SIP/Pulse mode on INCA

The volume would always be set to 0 no matter what the last configured volume was. This is now fixed, and the configured volume will be kept.


New Features

SNOW-191 Support SIP Early Media during 180-Ringing or 183-Session Progress

Support playing a media during SIP 180-Ringing or SIP 183 Call progress, instead of a locally generated ringing tone. This is a very common setup in iPBX systems where server shall generate a media to be played during session progress and before call is accepted (e.g. Call queued before answered). Note that we do not fully support RFC3960.

SNOW-278 IP Multicast audio support for SIP Intercom

Turbine and INCA IP intercom stations now support IP multicast audio when configured in SIP mode. Up to 10 multicast IP addresses can be configured.

Bugfixes and Improvements

SNOW-240 StationWeb - inconsistent location of Keyboard Settings page

Renamed the page to "Keyboard Settings" and moved it to SIP Configuration - for Pulse and SIP mode