ITSV-4 & ITSV-5 - Software Upgrade

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This article describes how to upgrade the software of the ITSV-4 and ITSV-5 via the web interface of the station.


  1. Download the software file or to your PC and unzip it.
  2. Log on to the ITSV-4 or ITSV-5 Station web interface.
  3. Select Maintenance > Upgrade
  4. In the Upgrade via Manually Upload section, select Upload, and browse to the unzipped file
Upload new software via the station web interface

The file will now be uploaded to the station. The web interface shows "Uploading..." during this process. When the file has been uploaded (approx. 5 minutes), the station will shut down and install the software. The installation progress is shown in the display of the station (0 - 100 %). When the installation is finished, it will start up using the new software.

How to find the..

  • IP Address: Push on the touch screen, and select Settings > Status > Network status and make a note of the IP address.
  • Current software version: Push on the touch screen, and select Settings > Status > System Info. The current software version is listed under System version.