Open Duplex Conferences (AlphaPro)

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From the Open Duplex Conferences menu you can modify the properties of handsfree Duplex Conferences. See also main article: Duplex Conference

Duplex Conference window

  • Conference Number: The Duplex Conference ID number, 1-20
  • Description: The text you enter here is displayed in the listbox to the left. Note that this text is not transferred to the AlphaCom server. It is stored locally on the PC only.
  • Master: When the station specified here exits the conference, all stations in this conference channel will be cancelled
  • Setup Priority:
  • Recording: When enabled (default), the conference audio will be sent to external audio recorder if such device is connected. See AlphaCom Recording Interface

Directory Number and Display Text

Default directory numbers for the conference channels 1 - 20 are 8301 - 8320. Conference off: C-key or 8300.

Modifying the Directory Numbers and Display Text for the conference channels are done from the Directory & Features window. Duplex Conference is feature number 88.

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