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PAR_RING 0x0098 152 AMC 10.22
$PAR_RING L104 L105
$PAR_RING %1.ref L105
Include 105 in incoming call ringing on 104
Include 105 in incoming call ringing on event owner
Add a Parallel Ringer station to a call in ringing state. Most useful to be used as an Event Handler action in Private_Ringing_mode_(Event_Type).
1 NET_OBJ_REF Station receiving call in private ringing mode
2 NET_OBJ_REF Station(s) to include in Parallel ringing.

Either a single station, or reference to a group of stations. Max 10 stations can be include in total for parallel ringing for call

3 UINT1(Optional) 1 = Station allowed to disconnect without terminating the original call, default value = 0 (Station terminate ringing, will terminate the original call)

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