Rebuild global group in AlphaNet feature

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Feature: Rebuild global group tables in AlphaNet
Default directory number: 7879
Feature number: 51
Parameter 1: 0 (N/A)
Description: Service: Starts a process in AlphaNet where all exchanges broadcast it's membership in global groups.

AlphaNet global groups are configured for each node in AlphaPro, so that each node knows which groups it belongs to. All nodes broadcast this information to all other nodes so that when a global group is started, the initiating node knows which exchanges are members. The global group membership is broadcast after exchange reset, plus once every 24 hours.

During system commissioning it’s easy to come into situations where one ore more nodes are not connected when broadcasts occur, and it’s impossible to reset remote nodes. Also, if a node is removed from a network in normal operation, the remaining exchanges must remove this node from it’s global group tables, else the “missing exchange” timer of 3 seconds always delay groupcall setup.

Feature 7879 is used to solve these problems. It erases it’s own global group tables, and broadcasts a message to all other exchanges to do the same. Then, each node broadcasts its own membership to all others. Each node waits 0.2 seconds times own node number before broadcasting, which means that the complete operation worst-case takes approximately 1 minute.

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