Situations that require System Reset

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A number of AlphaPro settings require that the system is reset or rebooted in order to make the change take effect.

The AMC-IP card is using Linux as operative system (OS). A number of applications are running on top of Linux. One of these applications is the intercom (AMCd) application. Examples of other applications are SIP, Syslog, AlphaWeb (web server) and RingMaster interface.

Types of reset

There are two types of reset available from AlphaPro and AlphaWeb:

  • Reset of the AMC application. This will restart the intercom application only. An AMC reset takes approx. xx seconds in a fully equipped E7, and xx seconds in a fully equipped E26.
  • Reboot the exchange. This will restart the Linux operative system and all applications. A reboot takes approx. xx seconds in a fully equipped E7, and xx seconds in a fully equipped E26.
    • From AlphaWeb: Press 'Reboot' in the System Maintenance -> System Recovery menu
    • Press the reset button on APC (E20 and E26) or on the power board (E7)
    • Recycle the power (switch power off, then on)

Situations that require AMC application reset

  • Adding a new IP station in Users & Stations
  • Change of volume setting of an analog station (Changing the volume of an IP station do not require reset)
  • Enabling RCO. Reset is required when a RCO is changed from device 0 / pin 0.
  • Adding a SIP node
  • Adding a node in AlphaNet
  • Adding a module in MultiModule (i.e. after having entered the IP Address of the slave module in Exchange & System > System)

Situations that require Linux reset

Situations that don't require reset or reboot, but where the change take effect after a short time

  • Changing or adding a new directory number
  • Event Handler programming. It may take up to 1 minute before the change takes effect. (The change will take effect immediately if the AMC application is reset)