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The software of the Vingtor-Stentofon devices in an IC-EDGE System can be mass upgraded in two ways. Either:

  • by using the VS-IMT tool
  • from the Edge Controller
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  • If upgrading an existing Pulse System, make sure that the Edge Controller is a Turbine device. An INCA device cannot serve as an Edge Controller, even if it was acting as a Pulse Server in the existing installation

Upgrade using the VS-IMT tool

For a detailed procedure, see the IMT - Discover & Upgrade

Upgrade from the Edge Controller


  1. A TFTP Server must be available. A TFTP server can be downloaded from here:
  2. Download the Software Package for IC-Edge
  3. Unzip the software package and store the files in a folder on your laptop.
  4. The firewall on the laptop must not blocking incoming ping/ICMP (Turbine station is pinging TFTP Server during update process)

Upgrade procedure

  • Start the TFTP server program and click Browse, and select the folder where the software files are located
TFTP Server - Browse to the folder where the software files are located

  • Start a web browser (e.g. Firefox or Chrome), and Log on to the Edge Controller. Select Edge Controller > Software Upgrade
  • Enter the IP address of the TFTP server (I.e. the IP address of your laptop)
  • Enter the Image File name, e.g vsft-
  • When updating INCA devices, also a Checksum must be entered. Leave the Checksum field blank when upgrading Turbine devices.
    • The checksum is found in a text file in the software folder, e.g. "A100G80200.02_11_3_0.txt". Open this file and make a note of (or copy to the clipboard) the checksum.
  • Select which stations to upgrade, and click Upgrade.
Enter TFTP server, firmware name and check which stations to upgrade

The upgrade procedure takes about 3 minutes. The process can be monitored by clicking the Log viewer tab in the TFTP server program.

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  • Do not unplug devices during the upgrade!
  • It is recommended to use the same software version in all devices
  • After having upgraded Turbine devices from version 4.x to version 5.x, a factory default is recommended for all new settings and features to take effect
  • After having upgraded INCA devices from version 2.x to version 2.10, a factory default is recommended for all new settings and features to take effect

Note icon If video is not working after having upgraded the Turbine Video Station TCIV-x, see article TCIV - No video after upgrading

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