System Status (Event Type)

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Event description

Event Owner: Station number 1 (fixed)
Event type: 27 - System Status
Subevent: Device ID
When change to ON: When a device is reported UP
When change to OFF: When a device is reported DOWN
When related to: N/A (Use "All")
  • Available from AMC 09.05. Pocket Paging from AMC 10.52. IP-HA state and %syse from

Additional information

  • Sub-event 1 – 64: RIO, PC (AlphaVision)
  • Sub-event 65 – 68: Exchange modules
  • The ON event is reported when all cards are scanned (exchange is operational). If the exchange is standby in IP-HA this sub event will not be reported.
  • Sub-event 210 – 217: Serial ports 0 – 7
  • Sub-event 218 – 221: Pocket Paging ports "Tateco", "Ericcson", "Multitone", "Fire input", ISO1745 link poll status.

Redundant Servers (IP-HA):

  • Sub-event 230: ON = Local server is in Standby Mode. OFF = Operational Mode.
  • Sub-event 231: ON = HA connection OK with related Standby/Operational server. OFF = No connection with remote server.
  • After reset both events will be reported after sub-event 65. (In standby sub-event 65 will not be reported, but 230 and 231 will)
  • Sub-event 232: ON = Local exchange is Primary Server (configuration master). OFF = Secondary Server (not configuration master). (Requires AMC
  • States reported in Sub-event 230, 231 and 232 are also reported in DEVICE_INFO

Macro to read current state of system event


Return 1 (TRUE) if sub event is ON.


  • System and AlphaNet surveillance and reporting
  • Trigger actions after system boot
  • 3rd party information of HA state

See also: Event type 29 for AlphaNet Link surveillance